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Autism Fully Resourced: Peace for Today, and a Plan for Tomorrow

Six-Part Webinar Series Replays


Webinar #1: The 3 Pillars of Planning

  • Guest Speaker: Tom Canale, Northwestern Mutual 

Webinar #2: Creating the Vision for the Future 

  • Guest Speaker: Ann Koerner, National Care Advisors 

Webinar #3: Making Every Day Therapy at Home 

  • Guest Speaker: Jeanne Beard, National Autism Academy

Webinar #4: Legal Planning for People with Special Needs: Special Needs Trusts, Government Benefits and Guardianship

  • Guest Speaker: Kirsten Izatt, The Estate Planning Law Group

Webinar #5: Increasing Effectiveness when working with your child

  • Guest Speaker: Tim Wahlberg, Ph.D, The Prairie Clinic

Webinar #6: Journey to Prepare for the Future

  • Guest Speaker: Mary Anne Ehlert, Protected Tomorrows

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With Host

Jeanne Beard

After tallying up the responses from a survey conducted by the Autism Society of Illinois, four key needs were revealed by parents of children with ASD...

  • Need #1: Learning how to parent our children so they live the best life possible 
  • Need #2: Solutions to the financial challenges we face when caring for our child 
  • Need #3: Strategies for planning a safe and secure future for our adult child with ASD 
  • Need #4: Tips on how to navigate the legal landscape guardianship and trust

The Mission of the National Autism Society is threefold:

  • Encourage, Educate and Support parents, families and caregivers who live, love and work with those on the autism spectrum to increase understanding and effectiveness 
  • Create greater awareness, acceptance, understanding and accommodation in the general public 
  • Address and create solutions to resolve future long term issues facing families

Because our mission is to empower parents of children with ASD, The National Autism Academy is answering the call and has gathered a team of experts to address these common needs and provide real-world solutions. 

We promise that the information we’re going to share is so powerful that you will want listen to each webinar training to see how the pieces fit together. No matter where you are on your path, we are committed to equipping you with the strategies and knowledge you need to create your own personal sense of peace about today and the future.

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